The Company: Similea S.r.l.

Three kilometres from Bracciano Lake, Similea makes in its own atelier by skilled workers embroideries and accessories that have embellished garments designed by the most famous fashion houses in the world.

SIMILEA, with handcrafted techniques and skills, transforms every kind of fabric by particular processes (embroidery, pleating, embossing, live cut, dyeing, siliconing, etc.), recovering the tradition and reinterpreting it in a modern way. It collaborates with famous International brands and bridal ateliers, and also produces embroidered dresses and accessories for selected private clients.

The distinctive feature of Similea is research. Similea has an archive of over 3000 embroidery samples, the ability to interpret, dexterity, promptness in the production of samples, availability in accepting the most varied requests which allow you to create models of high and appreciated quality and flair.